Craig Cameron Rancher Saddle

Craig Cameron Rancher Saddle

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Craig Cameron Rancher Saddle More Details

This all around ranch saddle has a modified association front, and features a distinctive post horn with a duck-bill cap and rawhide trim. The rough out hard seat, jockeys, fenders and skirts are accented with a spider stamped fork, cantle and rear housing. The saddle is a favorite with trainers, trail riders and working cowboys. Available in seat sizes 15 inch, 15.5 inch ťand 16 inch.


  • Tree: Wood, Rawhide Covered

  • Tree Warranty: 10 years

  • Bars: Full Quarter Horse Bars

  • Gullet Height: 7 ¾”  

  • Gullet Width: 6 ¾”

  • Cantle Height: 3”

  • Weight: 40 pounds (approx.)

Additional Features:

  • 4” Flank Cinch

  • Hermann Oak Leather

  • Stainless Steel Hardware

  • Genuine Wool Skin Lined

Larger sizes available special order

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