Get Down Ropes

The Get Down Rope

The Get Down Rope is an excellent tool for anyone who may need to dismount and lead or tie their horse during the time they work.  A core rule with horses is “Never tie the horse by the rein”; any reactive movement by your horse could result in his tongue being cut by the bit or the bridle/rein breaking.  The ground tie is a tremendous gift to the rider – but even seasoned horses who ground tie perfectly 10 times in a row – may decide to leave the next time.  This tool gives every rider a measure of assurance that if there is  need to dismount during the course of work or a ride, their horse will still be waiting for them –without incident- when they are ready to remount.  This picture reflects an appropriate positioning of the Get Down Rope with its bosal. The bridle is able to fit over the bosal with do difficulty due to the flexibility of the bosal.

Get Down Rope: Braided Rawhide Nose SKU GDR02Price $250.00
Get Down Rope: Braided Rawhide Nose & KnotSKU GDR03Price $300.00
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