Craig Cameron Horse Handling Rope Halter

Craig Cameron Horse Handling Rope Halter

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Craig Cameron Horse Handling Rope Halter More Details

*Halter does not come with lead rope. Lead must be purchased separately.  


This halter is made from one continuous length of 5/16 polypropylene, 16 strand diamond braided rope that is of medium firm lay. These halters hold their shape for easy use and are a popular favorite.


"Hi Dalene and Craig, in the closing hour at Horse World Expo in Harrisburg PA, I bought a rope halter and lead from Craig, after his final lecture there.  I want to let you know of all my tack purchases in the past year, if I judge by effectiveness, this is the best purchase I've made. It has been invaluable in getting a good start for my young horse and I even rode him with it for some weeks, before we went to a sidepull. There have been a few times working with this horse, it was like I could hear Craig say, "get the fresh off that horse" -- and I would. Many thanks, Craig, you might as well have been standing in the barn!" Best, Montie


"Best in the business." - Craig Cameron

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