EZ Wash Wand
EZ Wash Wand
EZ Wash Wand 1

EZ Wash Wand

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EZ Wash Wand More Details

Save Time! Save Money! Save Water! Makes washing all animals EZ   EZ Wash Wand as “a perfect way to wash your horse, dog, goat, or show animal without getting soaked and stinky!” 

  • Focused spray keeps you dry while washing
  • Perfect for 4H and FFA projects
  • Therapeutic for the animals
  • Wash your gear too (protective performance boots)


  • Dirt
  • Mud
  • Urine
  • Dander

The EZWash Wand is the easiest and safest way I’ve been able to clean out infected cuts, sores, and to clean up those hard to reach under-area of a horse or large animal!                 -Jeffrey Moss DVM

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