Craig Cameron Short Shank Spurs

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Craig Cameron Short Shank Spurs More Details

This spur was designed by Craig and Dalene Cameron after years of collecting and examining the benefits and drawbacks of various spurs across a broad range of band sizes, shanks, rowels, etc.  They took the most desirable attributes from several different "best spurs" and developed their own Craig Cameron Ride Smart Spur. 
With a 1 inch cuff, a 1 1/4 inch arched shank and a 1 inch rowel (4 point, clover) this spur is heavy enough to give you a good feel without hanging heavy on your boot or arch.
Engraved silver overlay on the band and buttons dresses these cowboy tools up - just a might.
They are perfect for picking up your horse – whenever you intend to!  Those just learning to use spurs like them because the shorter shank helps them avoid getting into their horse unintentionally.  People accustomed to spurs love them for their great look and even better function

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