What Knot to Do

What Knot to Do

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Knowing what knot to tie and how to tie it is an essential skill for any serious horseman. In the What Knot To Do video, Craig Cameron patiently teaches proper knot tying techniques and skills showing how to apply the most common knots in day-to-day horsemanship situations.

As a young cowboy, Cameron was fascinated by all the different knots that old ranchers, horsemen and cowboys used while working. They knew what knot to tie and how to tie it – that is what made them a top-hand. It is from these old-time cowboys, that Cameron learned the knots he uses every day.

Two cameras are strategically located to record the twists and turns of each valuable knot in a clear, concise, easy-to-understand demonstration. The video is organized for easy review. Knot retrieval is well thought-out by chapter. Knots may be known by different names but the important goal is how to construct essential knots that work for the horseman.

Knots include: Halter Knots, Bowline Knots, Bank Robber Knot, Hackamore Knot, Hondo Knot, Alamar Knot, Cowboy Hobbles, Race Horse Tie, Bridle Knots, Double Overhand Bend, Picketline Knots, Sheep Shank Knot, and Timing / Trick Knot. Runtime is 1 hour.

“Advance your horsemanship skills and learn a new knot today with Craig Cameron’s What Knot to Do” DVD

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