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Hay Saver Feeder

This Horse Feeder was designed for use of both round bales and large square bales. The focus of the design is to restrict hay consumptions and ground waste common to other round bale hay feeders used for horses.
Price: $3250.00

Small Square Bale Feeder

This feeder is designed for small square bales. It features a hay saving basket that limits the amount of hay pulled from the feeder, reducing waste and slowing consumption. Roof kit shown is picture is optional.
Price: 4 ft $1350.00   -   8 ft $1800.00

Cattle Feeder

This feeder is designed for larger cattle herds. It will hold 2 round bales or 1 large square bale. This feeder also features the hay saving basket to reduce ground waste and hay consumption, as well as the roof kit.
Price: $3860.00

 Please call or email the office for delivery pricing and options. 


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