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Building on Diller Ag Equipment's nearly 30 years of experience, Diller Equine is leading the industry today with innovative hay feeders for horses. Along every step of the development process, Diller Equine feeders have been designed with the needs of the equine industry. Rather than modifying an existing cattle feeder, Diller Equine feeders have been designed around horses with input from experts in the equine industry. This approach, along with extensive testing, has produced the most efficient, safety conscious and cost effective hay feeders available today for horses. Diller Equine offers horse feeders designed to accommodate large round bales as well as large square bales, and our lineup of small square bale hay feeders are perfect for smaller operations or those feeding horses in pens.

Please call or email the office for delivery pricing and options. 

Hay Saver Horse Feeder:

The Diller Hay Saving Large Bale Horse Feeder was designed with feedback from experts in the equine industry. The principal focus in the development of this horse feeder is a rack which restricts hay consumption and ground waste common to round bale hay feeders used for horses. 
The Diller design allows the use of both round bales and large square bales of common sizes. The rack the hay bale sits on inside the feeder utilizes a grid of bars to restrict the amount of hay that a horse can pull from the bale with each bite. Any loose hay that does fall from the horse's mouth is caught by the "widebody" style of Diller feeders which measure 88" by 96".
Since sheltering hay from the elements is important to equine health, a 10'x10' roof covers the entire feeder further reducing waste. A hinged side swinging gate allows easy loading of large bales into the feeder, and makes cleaning the feeder an easy chore. 
Early testing has shown that the design of this feeder significantly reduces hay waste and actually offsets the cost of the investment in this feeder within a short period of time. With the advancements made in the Diller Hay Saving Horse Feeder, it is easy to see why its growing popularity will make it the bestselling horse feeder in the industry. 
The HaySaver costs $2995 plus shipping.  Tax will be applied to Texas residents.


Small Square Bale Feeder:

This line of horse hay feeders designed to feed small square bales. Diller's large hay bale horse feeders have been popular for years, but many owners with a smaller number of horses still prefer to feed with small square bales. The 4200H series is 42 inches wide with a choice of 4ft. or an 8ft. lengths. The 4ft. HF-4248H hay feeder will handle 2-3 small square bales and is perfect for feeding 1-3 horses, the larger 8ft. HF-4296H will handle 4-6 bales and is suitable for up to 6 horses.
Both of these horse feeders feature a hay saving basket that limits the amount of hay pulled from the feeder with each bite, reducing waste and slowing consumption. The 42" wide feeder pan catches any hay that falls as the horse feeds and virtually eliminates ground waste. Both feeders are available with an optional roof kit that protects the hay from bad weather, the HF-4248H roof is 6'x6' and the roof on its larger brother measures 6'x10'.
Diller's small square bale horse feeders are built to last, with heavy sch.40 pipe, 12 gauge steel pans and 11 gauge steel tube frame. An investment in a Diller horse feeder will last for decades and will reduce wasted hay.

Prices begin at $1,275 plus shipping.  Tax will be applied to Texas residents.

Small Square Bale Feeder-4 foot
Price: $1,300.00
Weight: 455 lbs

Small Square Bale Feeder-8 foot
Price: $1,800.00
Weight: 675 lbs 


Cattle Feeder:

For larger cattle herds there is the 12' long HFS-8812 which will accommodate 2 round hay bales or 1 large square bale.

  • Width: 88 inches

  • Length: 144 inches

  • Vinyl Roof: 10 ft. x 14 ft.

  • 2 loading gates

  • Weight: 1915 lbs

  • Price: $3,860.00

The 8800 series large bale feeders are finished to look new and remain rust free for years. After fabrication, the entire feeder is acid washed to remove any oils, dirt or other contaminants that could prevent paint adhesion. A coat of epoxy primer forms the base of the finish and is topped off with a finish layer of PPG„¢ two-part polyurethane paint. Due to the "elastic" nature of polyurethane paint it provides a durable finish that resists fading, chalking and chipping unlike many other paints or powder coating.

After 26 years of service one of the first cattle hay feeders Lynn Diller built is still in daily use less than a mile from our manufacturing facility. The Diller commitment to quality is the key to this product's longevity and that commitment to quality lives on today at Diller Ag Equipment. We have only raised the bar on quality and will continue to hold that standard to every feeder, wagon and running gear we put the Diller name on.


Diller Ag offers a complete 3 year warranty on all products. This warranty covers all defects in material and workmanship and is effective from the date the end user takes delivery of their new unit. The obligation of this warranty shall be limited to repairing or replacing any part(s) that, in the opinion of Diller Ag, shall be proven defective in materials and/or workmanship under normal use and service.
Normal wear items are not covered by this warranty. Modification to the original design of the unit may void warranty. Warranty is valid only to the original owner. 
Warranty claims must be made through an authorized Diller dealer. The dealer must call our warranty department for authorization for any warranty work to be performed. Failure to get prior authorization may result in unpaid claims. 
Diller Ag reserves the right to modify, without notice, specifications and/or designs to their product without incurring any obligation to owners of previously sold product. 

Please call or email the office for delivery pricing and options. 




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